Northlore Creative is the visual media brainchild of photographer, writer and filmmaker Alexis Greene. Armed with a camera, a notebook and an insatiable sense of adventure, Alexis Greene has been exploring the world and telling stories of the people and places she encounters from a very young age. With a deep connection to, and understanding of the natural world and a knack for exposing raw human emotion in wild settings, her images, writings and film work evoke the vulnerability, celebration, passion and duality of life.

As a natural born storyteller and self-taught photographer with a keen, quiet sense of observation, an impeccable eye and a University level education in Creative Writing, Philosophy and Biology, Alexis brings a strong breadth of understanding to diverse subjects. She has a particular passion for understanding the human relationship to the natural world in relation to climate change and environmental activism and politics.  Using an empathetic, collaborative and natural approach to film and art direction, Alexis excels at connecting with her subjects, environments and collaborators and brings strong narrative voice and style to her projects.

Alexis’ still works have been published in Vice Magazine, the CBC, the Calgary Herald, DJ Mag and Metro Canada. She is also a member of the 2017 Anvil Award winning team in Design and was recognized specifically for her efforts on completing a retrospective portrait series for a book commemorating the 30th anniversary of CJSW 90.9FM in Calgary.

Alexis lives on the road in her 1985 Vanagon Westfalia named Gertie alongside her husband and her adventure dog, Reggie. She is available for collaborations and shoots throughout Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest USA.

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