Northlore Creative is the multi-faceted storytelling company of photographer, editor, writer and director, Alexis Greene. Armed with a camera, a notebook and an insatiable curiosity for the world, Alexis has had a keen interest in telling stories from an early age. With a deep connection to the natural world and a knack for exposing raw human emotion, her images, writing and film work evoke the full spectrum of what it means to be human.

Her desire to create impactful art and empower others through sharing their stories is strongly informed by her battle with Bipolar Disorder. Over the last fifteen years, she has learned how to live with an at-times debilitating disease and uses the challenges she has faced as a means of connecting without pretense with her subjects.

As a self-taught visual artist with a keen, quiet sense of observation, an impeccable eye and a post-secondary education in Creative Writing and intersectional feminism, Alexis brings a strong breadth of understanding and nuanced narrative voice to her treatment of diverse subjects. She has a particular passion for understanding the human relationship to the ecosystems that sustain us in relation to climate change and politics.

Her photojournalistic work has been published in Vice Magazine, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the Calgary Herald, DJ Magazine and Metro Canada. She is also a member of the 2017 Anvil Award winning team in Design and was recognized specifically for her efforts completing a retrospective portrait series commemorating the talent behind the largest independent radio station in Canada, CJSW 90.9FM.

For much of 2019, she has been editing her friend and mentor, Ben Moon’s memoir about his profound relationship with his dog, Denali and his journey through his career as a photographer and his battle with cancer.  She has also recently taken on the role of photo/video lead at Surfrider Foundation Vancouver and works to create compelling content to raise awareness about ocean plastics, climate change and the cascading effect of under-threat keystone species on the Canadian West Coast.

Alexis moved into her van for nearly two years starting in 2017 in order to remove financial barriers that were inhibiting her career. She has recently settled down in coastal British Columbia with her husband, Donald and her two beloved dogs, Reggie and Redwood to pursue her passion for wildlife and ocean conservation activism. She is a dual Canadian/US citizen who, despite settling down in a house and now being the proud renter of her very own shower, still splits her time between Alberta, British Columbia, Oregon and Northern California.

In her quiet moments, she enjoys rock climbing, surfing, lugging heavy camera gear into remote locations for fun, and photographing her dogs to stay focused in the present moment and regularly remind herself to experience uninhibited joy.

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